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I had to see it with my own eyes, after watching On Any Sunday the hundredth time.
There was this flat track race event called ‘Hells Race’ in the Helzold Speedway Stadium in Belgium. Organised by ‘Sinners Supply’. Sounds good, I thought. A lot of hot after-worldly sin. So I took the AMC Gremlin on the road to the city of Zolder.

Driving through the neighbour state is always fun. It is another world. Hairy traffic situations are very common. No bike, ehm cycle, lanes. (what! really?..) Direct entry on the fast-lane one step out the front door. This is all perfectly organized in the over-regulated homeland. All for a reason; more safety, but also more boring. More people addicted to safety. More boring people.
As if the Belgiums are so adventurous. Nope, but that’s catholicism, people getting their education from nuns and priests…

Anyway, I get off track. A little bit. Because talking about safety, these guys on that track! OMG! I like to crisscross the Pyrenees on a XT500. But this! Damn it. It must be great fun, but, guys start competing after 3 rounds of practice. What balls, or guts! As girls also enter the arena. Hats off!  Broken collarbones galore! Respect! 

Still I would like to take a shot myself. Dammit. It must happen. And we cán nowadays. They opened a circuit nearby! They call it Dirt Track Lelystad located down under in The Lowlands, where the fish used to swim in the Zuiderzee. Next to the airport. Hop off the plane onto the dirt tracker.

This weekend (8 & 9 sept) there’s another race weekend. The Flatlands Festival and it’s in Lelystad. And there’s a Party! Hosted by the one and only The Rogue Company. We (Rumble Speed Shop) are there too. Selling our funky stuff.

Come and See!


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