People are rediscovering a more tactile world. Most of us want to be different from others; surround ourselves with defining products but live responsibly at the same time. As consumerism is demanding its toll, many feel the need for sustainable stuff. For durable goods, with personality.



You will find motorcycles. 
Why motorcycles? These are not sustainable! Well, I guess we’re not perfect.. And we love riding them. We like what they represent. We consider them the last vestiges of the unregulated. Also we like to work on them. As we don’t like stock bikes, we like to remodel them to our aesthetics.


Our customers feel connected to the world of design, handicraft, and freedom-seeking


Our website will be our way of bringing together the world of virtuality and of real craft. We realize internet is an excellent medium for communication.



Our website contains a webshop. We collect products from around the world to be sold in the shop. Products that look good, are durable and are produced responsibly. We will slowly fill the shop with stuff you will love.



Read about us here


There will be events. A film screening for friends that live nearby. A bonfire on the beach (and yes, you can bring your guitar). A muddy race on the local dirt-track. A road trip to our beloved Spain. Just keep an eye on the website, where you will find an agenda of motor related events in due time. And if you’re not able to join us, you can find an account of our adventures on our blog.



For information on the motorcycles featured on please drop us a line at
A motorcycle featured on the Rumble Speed Shop website carrying a Rumble logo is made / customized by a Rumble member.
If a Rumble Motorcycle comes up for sale, then this member will sell the motorcycle under his name and responsibility.


Enjoy Rumble Speed Shop and let’s meet up.


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