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The inspiration for this build came from the Japanese customizers. For them material things can have a spirit. They are looking deeper than superficial ‘beauty’. This is why they are the masters of the customizers-universe.

The basis for my next custom-bike had to be the Yamaha XT500. I’m addicted to the sound, handling and looks of the Yamaha XT500. It’s a perfect bike. I love the low-end torque, over-all durability and versatility.

To get the desired look and stance I shortened the backside of the frame and lowered the front shocks. I shaped the seat, cowl and air-scoop in foam and collaborated with Ernst who brought the shapes to life in aluminum. It is masterfully done.

All the emblems are handmade by Rob of Silver Dawn. The original design of all logo’s come from Rumble partner Subalpin. The emblem-designs were done by me.

The leather seat and bag are made by Jeroen of Silvermachine. Design again is mine.

Our friend Jeffrey Wardenaar from XT500 specialist Motogadgets helped us by delivering a freshly powder-coated frame and completely overhauled engine. The frame and engine where always together, the numbers match. Jeffrey put together the wheels and front-suspension with the beautiful and rare Montesa trial bike handlebars.

I’m happy with the result.


Short movie by Kris van Melle, copyright 2021


The frame is powder coated in mat black - The engine is top to bottom overhauled by specialist Motogadgets - The fuel-mix is provided by a Mikuni Flatslide Carburetor - K&N air-cleaner supplies the air - The wheels contain Akront aluminium rims and stainless steel spokes, XT500 hubs, Dunlop flattrack tires - It has excellent shocks, Dutch WP front, Japanese KYB (Kayaba) back, original to the XT500. Best looking and great quality - Exhaust pipe in stainless steel, Akrapovic titanium muffler with LeoVince DB killer - Original XT500 aluminium gastank - Akront handle bars, original to a Montesa trail bike - Handmade aluminium works, seat, cowl and air-scoop by Ernst - All emblems, Rumble Helmet, R-logo and tank are handmade by Rob of Silver Dawn - All leatherwork (seat and bag) by Silvermachine


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