It began as a 1973 Suzuki GT250.

Read the blog my first GT250 about the history. How it stood at beginning of my longtime motorcycle adventure.

We transformed the bike completely. We bobbed the rear fender, got rid of the front fender, fitted fat tires, completed it with a narrow gastank, a leather solo seat, and a big headlight. It has an old school look, with a nice stance. The 1973 patina is maintained throughout. The metal has that beautiful dull shine that comes with age.

It was a lot of work, virtually every technical part has been addressed, (see specs), but the end-result made it worth it. 

The two stroke engine is not for everybody but for those who love it, this is a very sweet motorcycle with a charming two-stroke put-put sound.

The motorcycle is fast enough. It is perfectly suited for city travel and to run about on country-roads that on warmer days may lead to a sunny beach.


Overhauled engine and carburettors (by Marcel Vlaandere Bolsward) - Overhauled oilpump -Overhauled front brake caliper - NOS front forks with new seals - New brake shoes in the back -New chain and sprocket - Bobbed rear fender (front fender is there but not installed) - New leather seat - New Firestone ANS tires (rear 18 x 5.00 front 18 x 4.50) - Rust-free gastank that complemented the bike perfectly - Handcrafted Rumble emblems in brass by Rob of Silverdawn - New rear and front light - An old perfectly functioning Suzuki speedometer - A new powder coated frame - Original mufflers that have new inner tubes - Original rear shocks that work perfectly - The wiring all tidied up.


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