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Douk Douk | Peacock | Cognet


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Genuine Douk-Douk® model 815GMI-PAON
Handle in folded sheet metal painted by sublimation of a peacock plumage decoration with Brass rosettes on the rivets.

A legendary knife, the Douk-Douk® is reinvented.
This new version, in a limited series, is dressed with a sumptuous peacock plumage decoration made by sublimation painting.

True to the Douk-Douk® reputation.
This Douk-Douk® knife with its colourful pattern remains faithful to the great family in its quality of manufacture.
A handle made of sturdy folded sheet metal, a tempered carbon steel spring and a 14C28N stainless steel blade adorned with its famous laser engraved arabesques: this is a real Douk-Douk.

Handle painted by sublimation.
On this version, the burnished handle and its famous Douk-Douk character give way to a coloured decoration with a relief, depth and metallic sheen.
A peacock plumage is revealed by the sublimation painting technology which offers an indelible, unalterable quality and high definition restoring every detail of the design.
The pattern does not fade over time under normal conditions of use.

A stainless steel blade with an exceptional cutting edge.
The clip-point blade is made of a stainless steel well known to cutlers: 14C28N from Sandvik, the world-renowned Swedish steel manufacturer.Its famous arabesques are laser-engraved for better durability.
The cutting edge remains exceptional, true to the Douk-Douk® reputation, and is very easy to sharpen.

The story of the Douk-Douk started more than 90 years ago, in 1929, when Gaspard Cognet, that everybody called “Gaston”, decided to target the Melanesian market with a new folding knife.

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Thiers was exporting its knives all over the world, especially in the vast French colonial empire. The MC Cognet was one of the biggest manufactures, and targeting the French islands in the Pacific Ocean seemed a good plan.

The knife was designed to be inexpensive and sturdy.
It is made of 6 parts, a carbon steel blade, a ferro-blackened folded sheet-metal handle, a strong spring nested inside the handle, a bail at the back and 2 rivets to assemble it all.

The Duk-Duk (or Douk-Douk), sometimes called the god of chaos and doom, is an important figure in the Melanesian culture. The costume is made of a conical hat, a cylindrical mask made of bark, and palm tree leaves down to the knees. He goes screaming in the village, scaring people off, until he reaches the hut of the person suspected of a crime to deliver the punishment. Nobody dares going against him, as death would struck anyone who would raise his hand against the Duk-Duk.

Size: Large
85mm blade, 200mm unfolded
Blade thickness: 3mm
Blade: 14C28N stainless steel blade, laser engraved arabesques.
Handle material: Handle painted by sublimation on gun bronze with brass rosettes on the rivets.
System: Forced Notch
Care:  To ensure that your knife remains a faithful and useful companion whenever you need it, we advise you to wipe it after each use that may harm its steel blade, not to put it in the dishwasher, nor leave it in the water.
Sharpening: With a rifle or a sharpening stone with an angle of 30 to 35°.

Handmade in France

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