The Rumble Strongman Cuff

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THE RUMBLE STRONGMAN CUFF Rumble Speed Shop makes another classic available.  Les Glòries flea market in Barcelona was where I found my Strongman Cuff. The archetypical, here we go again, wrist-bands for added strength. Used back in the day by bare-knuckle fighters, dock men and acrobats at carnivals. In recent days adopted by motor-riders for […]

The History of Carhartt WIP

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THE HISTORY OF CARHARTT WIP In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt and 5 employees trudged up a dusty old attic in the heart of Detroit and with 4 sewing machines laid the foundations for one of the great success stories of what The American Dream is made of. Carhartt started out producing cotton duck overalls – a […]

The Cross Stitch Belt

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THE CROSS STITCH BELT Now here’s the Cross Stitch Belt like the one Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One. I bought mine back in the days in a shop in Groningen, up north in The Netherlands. More ‘nether’ you can’t get. It was a good ol’ Chipie store. I still have it’s sweet little […]

The Mackinaw Coat

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THE MACKINAW COAT We love the Mackinaw coat. I found mine at a vintage retailer at Wheels and Waves. I’ve been looking for one for years. So what is a Mackinaw Coat? It is the archetypical coat. It is named after the Mackinaw region in present-day Michigan. The original Mackinaw coats were made from wool […]

Iconic Leather Motocross Pants

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ICONIC LEATHER MOTOCROSS PANTS You’ve seen these iconic leather motocross pants if you’re into vintage dirt-bikes. We love ‘m, and we’ve got one, well actually two. But the other is just too far gone. The featured pair is still in good shape but has a somewhat old-school fit. Mister Steve McQueen get’s away with that. But mere […]

Brekelmans Carving Knives

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BREKELMANS CARVING KNIVES I got one of these lovely knives for my birthday. What a gift. How happy I was, and still am. We encountered them in a little village in Friesland (The Netherlands). A man called Roeland runs the shop. He restores antique furniture and makes beautiful wood pieces, wonderful creations. And he makes […]


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