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I first encountered these crazy beautiful rings in Rin Tanaka’s book: My Freedamn! 5 featuring Rock ‘n’ Roll Fashions from the 1930s to Early 1950s. (See below a photo of several great examples).

I had to make a Rumble version. My silversmith friend Rob from Zilverdawn helped me create this ring. it is made from silver and brass just like the originals.

A brief history:
At the end of the Mexican revolution the peso was totally worthless. Mexican metalsmiths began melting them to create something more valuable; rings.
In the 1940s and 50s American Biker gangs drove into border towns and adopted them as legal brass knuckles. But they were not meant to be! Ours isn’t in fact.
The old style souvenir rings you’ll find adorned with Indian heads, Aztec warriors, horse heads, horseshoes , Turquoise stones and of course the skull and bones.
They are very collectible these days.

You can order one to measure. Contact us via Get in touch

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