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I grew up with film. Some of them made a huge impression. Two Lane Blacktop was shown at Moviedrome on BBC presented by Alex Cox, a show that focused on forgotten cult-classics. I was flabbergasted and spend years trying to get a video copy of the film. It was the same place where I saw Vanishing Point, and many other great films.

I saw a fragment of a documentary-film about desert-motocross on TV, an image of hundreds of bikes speeding away from a straight starting line. I could not get this out of my mind. One day, going through DVD racks, like we used to do, I saw a DVD with the title On Any Sunday (currently unavailable). It rang a bell, but slightly. I bought it, and sped home. I was so happy to find it contained this fragment!  It was the best documentary I’ve ever seen on the subject, and maybe the best of all. We screened this film at the opening of our workshop in IJmuiden.

We selected some of our favourites on DVD and Bluray, with a focus on road, surf, bike and car, for you to enjoy or for us to play on nights with all our friends.

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