Denham Highland Jacket-880×990 Denham Highland Jacket-880×990
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Denham Highland Jacket


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Denham translates the biker traditions of the middle of the last century into the language of this modern women’s jacket. It also contains a reference to the uniform of the French army with detachable melton wool shawl with pin. Made from regular khaki-denim (98% cotton, 2% spandex), this masterpiece is equipped with a thin but warm lining. Within the framework of Jason Denham’s “Truth in Detail,” it has Nubuk leather sleeves, made in collaboration with experimental tanners Danna R&D, who operate under the theme of “crazy extreme leather technology.”

Size: Small

Please note:  
This is a vintage item. it has some spots on the canvas, and on the leather,
There’s only one!

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