Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Race with the DevilDirty Mary Crazy Larry Race with the Devil

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry DVD


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Director: John Hough 

Cast: Peter Fonda, Susan George

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is a car chase film based on the 1963 Richard Unekis novel titled The Chase. The story tells of a phenomenon that was new in 1963. Auto manufacturers were putting powerful V-8 engines in mid-sized cars. Crooks behind the wheel could outrun the 6-cylinder sedans driven by police.
And that’s exactly what these two NASCAR hopefuls, driver Larry Rayder (Peter Fonda) and his mechanic Deke Sommers (Adam Roarke) do. They rob a supermarket to finance their jump into big-time auto racing.

Special Features:
Audio commentary with director John Hough
Ride the Wide Side – Featuring interviews with director John Hough and actors Peter Fonda and Susan George
Theatrical trailers, TV spots and radio spots

You get Race with the Devil thrown in. Memorable for Warren Oates. Who’s always great.

Image: 1.78 Anamorphic Widescreen  
Audio: Not specified
Regio Code: 1 (NTSC)
Running Time: 93 min
Languages: English 
Subtitles: Not specified

Please Note: It is region 1 (US Import) DVD, and thus needs a region 1 or multi-region DVD player.

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