Joy Charcoal Stove MediumJoy Charcoal Stove Medium

Joy Charcoal Stove (small)


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The Joy Charcoal Stove (JCS) is a lightweight charcoal stove, grill and wok burner in one. It can be used for grilling, cooking, baking, and frying.  It can also function as a patio heater after an evening cookout.

The JCS is easy to refill while it’s burning without having to remove the grill or pan. The heat is easy to adjust with an air inlet valve in the front. This super-barbecue is handy, small and light and convenient for camping or on your balcony at home.

It is made of recycled cast aluminum. Its design ensures fuel economy with maximum heat efficiency.
And what sets it apart from other portable BBQ’s, and what Rumble Speed Shop values greatly, is its durability.

It comes in three sizes; Small (Diameter: 16,5 cm), Medium (Diameter 16,5 cm) and Large (Diameter 19,7 cm).
This one is the small size

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