Rumble-cap-01-MG_4881 Rumble-cap-01-MG_4881
Rumble Cap on GT Rumble Cap on GT
Rumble-cap-01-MG_4878 Rumble-cap-01-MG_4878
Rumble-cap-01-MG_4879 Rumble-cap-01-MG_4879
Rumble-cap-01-MG_4880 Rumble-cap-01-MG_4880

Rumble Cap Red Blue


In stock (can be backordered)

Rumble Cap Red blue.
Our first cap comes with a brown leather strap, with back & front embroidered Rumble icon & text.
It’s sturdy as hell. It survived abuse in Shri Lanka waves, not showing any signs of fatigue.

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