Seawolf Damask Razor


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Nordic Razor Handcrafted with Damascus Steel.
Practice knife with camel bone handle, a beautiful damask blade carved on its back, making this knife a work of art.

Opplav only work forged knives by hand and respecting the old manufacturing techniques. They are handcrafted and you will find small imperfections in handles and sheaths that are strictly due to the use of noble materials. This knife is forged from damascene steel, an essential element in Nordic culture and the valiant men of the north. Forging technique dating from 100 B.C. steel widely used in Europe during the crusades. very, very valued and appreciated. A specific knife for hunting and nautical environments, big fishing.

It has a 1085 and 15n20 carbon steel blade with a damask forging (adding glass and carbon in the forging process) creating a practically eternal blade, very resistant. The blade is full tang, fully sharp and has a hardness of 56HRC. This knife is delivered with a hand-stitched leather sheath.

The materials for handles are:
White (cow and camel bone), Black (Buffalo Horn) and Wood (walnut and rosewood).

Damascus forging:
Forging technique dating back to 100 B.C. steel widely used in Europe during the Crusades. very, very valued and appreciated.

OPPLAV Seawolf damask Razor has the following Technical Properties:
Damascus hardness: 56 HRC
Total length: 17 cm/6.29 inches
Blades length: 8cm/3.14 inches
Maximum blade width: 2 cm/0.78 inches
Handle length: 9cm/3.54 inches
Mango: Camel Bone
Knife weight: 105g
Knife+Sheath weight: 140g

– Leather Sheath is included.
– Perfect to hang from your belt as an all-purpose utility.
– Handmade

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