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The Driver DVD


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Director: Walter Hill
Cast: Ryan O’Neal, Isabelle Adjani en Bruce Dern.

So that were Nicolas Windig Refn’s inspiration for DRIVE came from!
But wait! Where did Walter Hill get his inspiration for The Drivér? Yes! it’s Melville’s Le Samurai! A man alone in his hotelroom. Lying on a bed, waiting to fulfil his mission.
In Le Samurai Delon listens to a singing-bird, in The Driver O’Neal listens to country-music on a little transistor-radio.
They can’t be caught. They are loners. They don’t need anything. They leave no trace. They hardly exist. Delon drives a Citroen DS, O’Neal some souped up American car.

Special Features:

Image: 1.77:1 Anamorphic Widescreen  
Audio: Mono
Regio Code: 2
Running Time: 88 min
Languages: English 
Subtitles: No

Please Note: It is region 2 DVD, and thus needs a region 2 or multi-region DVD player.

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