Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0027 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0027
Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0036 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0036
Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0035 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0035
Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0034 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0034
Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0026 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0026
Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0025 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0025
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Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0023 Watson-Deerskin-yellow-Rumble_DSF0023

Watson Gloves Range Rider Tan Deerskin Unlined



Watson Gloves made the perfect glove with the Range Rider. 
Made of deerskin, it is the most comfortable, softest, warmest glove you can imagine.
And it is strong as hell! Which is supposedly very strong.
These gloves are unlined and thus perfect for summer riding.
They may have some minor scuffs caused by the animals rubbing against trees.
The hides are selected the keep the scuffs to a minimum, hence the A-grade.

Use baby powder (not grease!) to take care of your deerskin gloves (no kidding!)

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