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Now here’s the Cross Stitch Belt like the one Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One.

I bought mine back in the days in a shop in Groningen, up north in The Netherlands. More ‘nether’ you can’t get. It was a good ol’ Chipie store. I still have it’s sweet little drum-package.
Where are you Chipie! Goldie! Fiorucci!
I bought it together with a blanket that still covers my bed and the cutest cushion with wild west graphics on it. All very nice. Best buys of the former century.
The belt is ‘iconic’ or ‘archetypical’, something we apparently like. It probably has to do with our ideas about how things should look, or be made, I guess.

Anyway you can buy it here.

And what’s important; it is handmade for Rumble in Holland, by craftsman Jeroen Bouwmeester of Silvermachine. Therefore it is not made in some place where people don’t get paid. It is beautifully made. It is made of thick saddle leather. It will last 30+ years. Like the Chipie belt.



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