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Whenever I was looking for a pair of affordable motorcycle-gloves, I could never find what I wanted. Sure, there were many around that provided warmth, protection and whatever technical feature you can think of. But they never looked good, and were pricey as well. So when we started out with Rumble Speed Shop we wanted to make sure we ‘d solve this problem by getting the gloves we wanted to wear ourselves. And that’s why we started doing business with Watson Gloves. 

Watson Gloves was established in 1918 as a small business selling hand-crafted gloves to Vancouver’s dock workers. Nowadays they carry many modern gloves but luckily they never stopped producing classic style gloves. Some of these they keep making in Canada, with extra care for quality, like the “Trucker” that’s available in our shop. Watson values craftsmanship and is very committed to customer satisfaction, same as we are at Rumble Speed Shop.

To make sure I’ve been testing a pair of Watson gloves. As I like deerskin gloves I’ve been wearing this type on my motor- and bicycle for the last few months. So far I’m very pleased with them. Because deerskin has extreme good breathability the gloves are cool to wear during summer, and as the days are getting shorter and colder they’re still sufficiently warm. They also provide good grip on the gas handle, and because deerskin is extremely supple, they have a nice direct feel on the controls. What’s more; they look good, and as with all quality leather goods, they get better looking with time.

Rumble Speed Shop has several styles available, like the High Sierra’s (also Made in Canada). They were taken out of production but a limited number of pairs was manufactured on our request.