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WE WERE AT WHEELS AND WAVES (and did we know it)

It has always been a dream for Rumble Speed Shop to participate in the famous Wheels & Waves event at Biarritz. Our own little Mecca near the Atlantic for a few days a year.
Our friend Alvin from The Rogue Company invited us to be part of a Dutch ensemble. Jeroen of Silvermachine, Zoran of Rusty Gold Motor Shop and Jeffrey of Motogadgets completed The Wild Bunch.

So, off we went on our journey south. Packed to the rafters with goodies and a-just-in-time finished Rumble motorcycle. Arriving in the blazing sun to a glitzy Biarritz. We dipped our toes into l’océan. We were happy and full of expectation.

The next day not so much. Because wild it was, not us, but mainly ‘the elements’. The event was literally flushed off the cozy ‘grassy knoll’ on beachside, called Cité de l’Océan, by a biblical downpour and windy gusts that would suit the 11th plague.
Flushed into some, not so cozy, events hall – La Halle Iraty. But boy! How they worked to save the event. And the event, in a lesser form, was saved. Praise the girls and guys of Wheels and Waves! The hall was converted into a Custom Motor Paradise with their ‘cool’ (spoken with French tongue) people.

We staked off our compound where The Rogue Company and it’s GMC truck took center stage. Each of us put up our little shop of wonders. Our own excellent sound-system blasted Mariachi, Speedmetal, Hard Rock, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young. At some point our Mariachi music was hilariously challenged by some Metallica fan, who realized instantly how boring his contribution was in comparison. 

All this not before our van broke down 100 miles from Biarritz, with nothing but a Rumble Motorcycle on board. A high wining gearbox made itself clear that there was no further to go.
So a maiden voyage lay ahead with that recently finished Rumble motorcycle, after Lennard of Tattoo-Lenny, with his huge heart, brought me my helmet. For this I’m always in his debt. (Lenny, I still have a small present for you!)
Pretty exciting to make a maiden voyage at 2 am, on the Autoroute with nothing but big trucks to accompany you on a bike that wasn’t tested At  – All.
Well I made it. Along the route I took up smoking again. Let’s keep it at that.

Nothing much to tell after that. We worked our butts off. Made 15 hour working days. Made friends. Slept too little too late. Got Rumble Speed Shop proudly in a bit of a limelight. And made some money. What more can you wish for.

Many many thanks to Nicole Santé, Iwan van Melle for joining and helping!
Many many thanks to Alvin of the Rogue the Company and Anneleen who made this happen and who made all the great signs at the W&W terrain. Check them out!

We’ll be there next year Wheels and Waves! You can bet on it.



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