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So again we went to Biarritz, to that year’s Wheels and Waves event, to stare at motorcycles all day with a bunch of girls and boys of all ages. Kicking tires, commenting. It is an addictive festival. Great music, motorcycling, film, food, sea, waves, and talking blah.

Another inspiring thing: In France, older people do not give up. They keep being adventurous. In my country above 40, Calvin comes in and tells us to act normal. Not so in France, They tie their grey hairs in a knot, stick some, very specific, thick rimmed glasses on their noses, put on a fishnet halter top, some, very specific, worn out pants, and go cook a hellish brew to sell to make a living. And that’s not the weirdo-exception.

This year I took my good ol’ Minolta X700 with me with Kodak 35mm film. Analogue stuff. I still love it. Digital doesn’t get to look this good. Well maybe, after a lot of tweaking. Go see for yourselves. The old people are missing. They keep chasing me off with the spatula.

New edition of Wheels and Waves: 14th – 18th of June 2017



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