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It begins somewhere .. here ..
When the world sees too many fanatics who force their ideology on anyone close, you know it’s time to get real and human
When the world is flooded with cheap stuff, manufactured to last a day, you know it’s time to get real and human.

We’re neither preachers nor politicians. We’re just three Joe’s (or Jill’s) who want to create good things – real things that last a lifetime – and who want to be human and help guys and girls who share our philosophy.

So we built a workshop where real bikes are made and a webshop where real things are sold.

We re-use old bikes. We give them a new or prolonged life. 
Overproduction is one of the many issues of this world.
We use experts to overhaul the wheels and engine, and we re-design the look and stance ourselves. 
The products; we find them, wherever, whenever. It can be anything, It should be durable, and ethically made.  It should also involve the heart and soul of it’s maker. Visit the webshop, and to see if it touches yours.


The first Rumbler is a manic dreamer, dreaming of beauty and nothing else, and working hard to bring it to life. His name is Johan Thomas (Joop) Verdenius.

The second Rumbler is a manic designer, who spawns exhilarating graphics. His name is Iwan van Melle.

The third Rumbler is a manic organizer, and the baddest motorcycle rider, meaning the best. His name is Wytze Smits.

And all:
All are romantic fools that want to rumble into the sunset on the ultimate, two-wheeled, machine of the dangerous and the free


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